Avoid Common Safety Committee Pitfalls

June 24, 2015 Dave Anderson
safety committee
Once you've decided how to choose the right members for your safety committee and gotten them organized, you want to help ensure the committee's success. By understanding potential pitfalls and taking steps to prevent them, your safety committee can be highly effective with good prospects for success. 

The safety experts at Safety Management Group in Indianapolis have penned an article to help you navigate a variety of common challenges many safety committees face. Here's an overview:

Have a clear road map.  
Successful committees have clear missions, achievable visions – and well-thought-out meeting agendas. A common problem in any business is meetings that drag on forever and accomplish little in the process.

Keep a solid focus. 

Safety committees typically cover a variety of issues in meetings, so be careful not to get bogged down by a single issue. A high-level approach makes the best use of members’ time and energy.

Set a convenient location. 

The most effective committees rotate meeting sites so all members can have convenient locations part of the time. Holding meetings at corporate offices makes it far too easy for home office workers to be pulled out of the meeting.

Use real-world examples. 

Committees are more effective when members get a firsthand look at the challenges they are discussing, so encourage your committee to perform walk-throughs to identify potential safety infractions. When members spot shortcomings on other parts of a site, they’ll pay more attention to what happens in their own areas.

Communicate consistently.

The committee is a channel between those responsible for safety and those who are being protected, so keep workers informed of what the committee is discussing and what decisions it has made.

Celebrate successes.

Being on a committee is hard work, and it’s easy to lose sight of successes. Take time to recognize successful outcomes.

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