Upcoming Safety Webinars from OH&S

January 19, 2016 Dave Anderson

Safety Starts Here
Check out these workplace safety webinars presented by Occupational Safety & Health magazine in the weeks ahead:

January 21 - Chemicals, Pesticides and Other Stuff -- Oh My, Oh My, How to Comply?

January 27 - Care and Maintenance of PPE for Arc Flash and Flash Fire: Incidents and Issues for Practical Applications

February 11 - The New Era of Change Agents for Occupational Safety: Strategies to Ensure Safer Workplaces

February 17 - Should Your Workers be Wearing Cut-Resistant Sleeves?

February 24 - AED/CPR Training in the 21st Century: An Easier Path to a Safer Worksite

February 25 - Marijuana Legalization: Trends & Hot Topics

Learn more and register here.

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